Welcome to Yoebo,"...We also offer a selection of salads and vegetarian dishes for a healthier option".Yoe Bo is a contemporary oriental buffet restaurant where you can "eat as much as you desire for a fixed price". We offer an array of the finest quality of cuisines to cater all tastes during lunch and evening buffets. Besides the classic buffet which includes "starters", "mains" and "desserts", we also offer salads section and vegetarian dishes for healthy options. Tepanyaki style Oriental Grill is available in the evening which you can have fresh ingredients cooked in front of you by our Tepanyaki chef. This will bring you the ultimate and mouth-watering oriental dinning experience. Come and experience the value for money buffet!
Monday to Thursday
12:00 noon to 10:30 pm

Friday to Saturday
12:00 noon to 11:00 pm
YOE BO Restaurant,
Gerry Raffle Square,
London E15 1BG
(Next to Theater Royal by shopping center entrance)
YOE BO Restaurant,
High Street,
Kent BR6 ONB